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Ecommerce fraud detection

Fraud prevention for eCommerce transactions is a critical process for all merchants selling consumer goods and services.

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Easy to implement service

Implement our fraud detection tool in your ecommerce easily and start detecting fraudulent transactions as soon as possible.

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Real time results.

Receive and view the results of your ecommerce transactions in real time.

eCommerce sales in Mexico and Latin America accelerated in the past three years.
Unfortunately, fraudulent intents have also increased.

Cloud delivered Fraud Prevention models.

SecureCommerce is our flagship artificial intelligence solution focused on fraud detection and prevention for eCommerce transactions. It employs deep learning neural models that analyze consumer patterns to detect possible fraudulent sales transactions and thus provide tools for online merchants who want to decrease ecommerce fraud rates. Businesses of all sizes can enhance their profitability by utilizing our AI powered models to better analyze and detect possible frauds before the merchandise is shipped and thus anticipate chargebacks.

Get easy to use and fast fraud detection and prevention for your eCommerce sales channel. Our cloud native deep learning models can be rapidly implemented into your online store.

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